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More than 10 best books to get your teenager hooked on reading

We present the best books to get teenagers hooked on reading. In this selection, there are more modern works and great classics, but without a doubt, they are recommended books for teenagers that are a success. We love them and reading books can be a healthy addiction!

How can we instill in him a love of reading?

best books for teenager

The task is very simple: just not forcing them to read a certain book. Letting them themselves choose (whether because of the cover, the plot, or the theme) the book that catches their attention the most and being aware that there are books for teenagers that will be more to their liking, even though they may not coincide with our literary tastes. Only then can you escape thanks to him. And this is something that should not only be done at home: forcing them to read a specific book at school can lead them not to develop the pleasure of reading. Well, as Daniel Pennac states “the verb to read does not tolerate the imperative”.

Every year they come loaded with new books on a variety of topics with which adolescents can enjoy all the advantages that reading offers. We have prepared a list with the most modern recommended best books for teenagers, but also with other classics so that your child can choose which book they will escape in their downtime.

Because, as John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, “to love reading is to exchange hours of boredom for hours of the ineffable and delicious company”.

Reading books is a pleasure that, once discovered, is difficult not to succumb to. Do not miss this selection of books that will get your children hooked on reading!

Juvenile books: History as you have never been told before

If you want your children to learn history and get hooked on it, there is a book that will be a great ally to achieve it. “History like you’ve never been told before”, by Javier Donzé, is the jump to the paper of the popular history videos of the popular YouTube channel Academia Play. A different, schematic, and striking way of telling us about some of the most important historical events. This graphic work is one of the most appropriate books for teenagers, but it is also for adults. It is from the publishing house La Esfera de Los Libros.

Teen Books: The Neverending Story

This masterpiece by Michael Ende is well known to all for having also been brought to television. However, the book is an essential reading that falls in love and hooks both teenagers and adults. A book is full of fantasy, imagination, and surprising adventures. Themes such as bullying also appear in this story. One of the recommended best books for teenagers that we like the most. Perfect to start reading and not stop!

Teen Books: The Bombay Buccaneer

The reader will travel together with the protagonists of the book through the different places of India, knowing their customs and the diversity of cultures. A novel that tells police stories, full of imagination, humor, and intelligence. Its author is  Satyajit Ray. This book for teenagers does not leave indifferent!

Saga “Something so simple”

BlueJeans is the pseudonym of the author who has hooked thousands of teenagers throughout Spain. It began with the trilogy “Canciones para Paula”, continued with “El club de Los misunderstood” and continued to surprise with “Something so simple”. The third part of this trilogy, “Something as simple as being with you” keeps you alert until the last chapter. This saga of books for teenagers has become very popular.

The Diary of Anne Frank

Another classic among the classics. Many may doubt if reading it in adolescence is the most appropriate, but its recommended age is between approximately 12 and 15 years. A harsh, overwhelming and shocking testimony is collected in the diary of Anne, a Jewish girl who tries, along with her family, to flee from the Holocaust. It is a realistic and shocking account of the horrors of Nazism. It is a recommended book for teenagers, although it is equally impressive for any adult.

 The Picture of Dorian Gray

This Oscar Wilde classic is a popular teen read. The mysterious and gloomy character of this work quickly hooks the teenage audience. The struggle between morality and hedonism, good and evil, fear of the unknown, the power of the subconscious… all these themes are present in this great work.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It is another of the classics that never fail if we look for best books for teenagers. This work by Jules Verne is a benchmark for adventure novels. In it, the reader can immerse himself in the world of paleontology, prehistoric animals, and the wonderful experiences lived by a group of intrepid adventurers.

Kafka’s Metamorphosis

For many it may come as a surprise to recommend reading this masterpiece by Franz Kafka, however, it has been attracting and surprising teenagers for years, which is why it is one of the recommended books for teenagers that we did not want to leave out of. this selection. Either because of its variety of interpretations, the mysterious nature of this work that makes you reflect, analyze reality and fiction and that, without a doubt, will make you debate its meaning.

Juvenile Books: The 100

Three centuries after the thermonuclear catastrophe, the only survivors live in spaceships that revolve around the Earth’s orbit. “Day 21” is the second part of this saga that has continued in its third part “Homecoming”. Its author is Kass Morgan.

The Little Prince

We cannot forget that The Little Prince is a masterpiece and one of the most widely read books in history. It is perfect to read in adolescence, but also in adulthood since it is a life lesson: values, deep reflections. The importance of perseverance, valuing the past, looking back, and remembering that we were all children… An essential work with which its author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry achieved worldwide fame. One of the recommended best books for teenagers that, however, is a pleasure to read at any age.

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