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Seven children’s books to improve self-esteem

Books are a great tool to help children overcome situations that worry them in everyday life. Through the stories they feel identified as part of the story, thus helping to strengthen certain aspects of their personality.

Today we have searched for books to help the little ones in the search for themselves, a search in which parents must accompany them so that they always feel loved and listened to. So we recommend seven books to improve children’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Butterfly ears (books to dream)

A beautiful cautionary tale in which having big ears, unruly hair, being tall or short, skinny or chubby is the least of it. Mara is a girl with great self-esteem despite the fact that the rest of the children pick on her. The illustrations are great.

The cow that laid an egg

Best children's books

It is not new, but it is a book that my daughters liked a lot when they were little. It is a very simple story of a cow, Macarena, who does not know how to ride a bike or walk on two legs like the other cows, but they become the protagonist of the farm because she has laid an egg. Highly recommended for younger children, 3-4 years old who will have fun with the rhymes and illustrations.

The girl who didn’t want to brush her hair

It is the story of a girl who refuses to brush her hair and her head begins to be invaded by little mice that stay to live in her hair. She claims to be genuine, to defend her own personality above all else, and her illustrations are beautiful, by the award-winning Nicoletta Ceccoli.

Malena whale

Malena is a girl who goes to the pool and the other children pick on her because of her overweight, but she discovers a trick that changes everything. A reality that many children live in today, and that comes in handy to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. It is a recommended reading for children under 6 years.


The first thing I like about this book is its title: “Comino”. He is a child who feels tiny in front of the universe of stars, but although he may seem small and insignificant, he discovers something that makes him feel special.

The chained elephant

A book by Jorge Bucay is ideal for working on self-esteem in the little ones. And also very interesting for parents to reflect on how we want to raise our children.

A traditional fable that tells us about the importance of knowing our abilities and possibilities, with illustrations by Gusti.


‘Yo’, by Philip Waechter is also an illustrated book, ideal for the little ones. It tells the story of a bear that despite being fantastic, huge, and great, also has moments when he feels tiny. Very nice to talk about self-esteem with the little ones and the relationship with others. Recommended for children under 6 years old.

The raccoon trap. The Drugs 2

The basketball player Amaya Valdemoro is the protagonist of this story in which, together with the Trugos, they will participate in the school Olympics. In them, they must face other schools with the aim of reaching the podium and proclaiming themselves champions. Sports, mysteries, and companionship are combined in this adventure in which the well-known athlete must make a decision that will change her life from her. For students from ten years old.

The Goonies. the illustrated story

The mythical 80’s movie comes to life in this illustrated album that introduces the little ones to the adventures of this peculiar group of friends. When they are about to lose their homes, they find the map of a famous treasure that has been hidden inside the town for centuries. Determined, they embark on a quest that will lead them to face criminals, deadly traps, and many other mysteries. With him, students from seven years old will learn that ‘the Goonies never say die’.

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