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Catolicismo by Robert Barron


A living tradition of two thousand years? A vision of the
world? A lifestyle? A relationship? A mystery? In
Catholicism, Father Robert Barron examines all of these questions and more,
trying to grasp the body, heart, and mind of the Catholic faith.
Starting from the essential foundation of the incarnation, life, and teaching
of Jesus Christ, Father Barron moves through the defining elements
of Catholicism – from the sacraments, devotion, and prayer, to Mary,
the apostles and saints, to grace. , salvation, heaven, and hell – using
his distinctive dynamic understanding of art, literature, architecture,
personal stories, scriptures, theology, philosophy, and history to
introduce the Church to the world.

Hand in hand with his documentary series with the same title, Catolicismo is
an intimate journey that captures “the Catholic” in all its depth and beauty.
Eclectic, unique, and inspiring, Father Barron brings life back to the faith for
a new generation, with a style faithful to timeless truths, but at the same
time speaking in the language of contemporary life.