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What to put on the back of the cover?

Back cover, this expression may seem barbaric to you. This is the term commonly used by printers and publishers to refer to the back of the cover of a book.

A nice back cover sells

If you decide to publish your book, that’s what will entice (with the cover) potential readers to buy your book. When we enter a bookstore, our first glance turns to the cover. If the title and the illustration speak to us, we turn the book over to see what is on the back of the cover. And if the back cover (back cover) appeals to us, then we go a little further by leafing through the book. Otherwise, we abandon it immediately.

The back cover of a book is so important in the buying decision of a potential reader that it is often the publisher, not the author, who decides this aspect of the book, as he decides. elsewhere in the design of the cover and the choice of title.

Seduce the reader, but not only!

When you promote your book, you will be talking to different media. You will, therefore, have to convince not only the readers but also the journalists. This back cover should be attractive and engaging enough to encourage them to go further in reading your book and then talk about it in their newspapers, magazines, or on the air.

If you decide to self-publish, it is, therefore, essential to take special care of the back cover.

Regarding the graphics and layout, it is important to keep color and style in harmony with the first cover page.

What should the back cover include?

If there are no specific rules, there are usually two optionsĀ  :

1) A summary of your story

But beware, don’t try to say everything, and be suspicious. Do not reveal everything, just make you want to go further. Say enough, but not too much! Yes, I know, it is not always an easy exercise, but very effective. You may try several times, but I’m sure you will make the right choice.

2) An extract from your story

By choosing a passage which is revealing of the universe, of the climate of your history, and which especially highlights the originality of your work and the personality of the author that you are. It can look like a movie trailer. For my part, before seeing a film I always watch the trailer and if I don’t hang on, I give up. I certainly missed beautiful films this way. Choosing the right extract from your book is therefore very important.

A very short summary of three or four lines and a fairly substantial extract. So by playing on both tables, you will have put more chances on your side.

Quite often, on the back of the cover, there is also (in addition to the extractor presentation) the photo of the author and a short biography. Why not? It is also a good idea.

And don’t forget to include your ISBN number and the price. They are placed at the bottom, right, or left.