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How to choose a book for a teenager?

Encouraging reading in young adolescents is a safe bet to work their creativity, imagination and intellect in general. The books can teach young people a lot of values in academic texts not taught. For this reason, it is very important to know how to choose a book for a teenager and we explain it to you.

How to choose a book for a teenager?

Step 1:

The bottom line is to find a book that is governed by the interests of the adolescent. Not everyone likes the same thing. Thus, observing the personality of our children can be essential to understand what concerns they have and what type of gender best suits them.

Step 2:

It is advisable not to choose a book for adolescents that contains inappropriate topics for their age. For this reason, when choosing, we must inform ourselves well about the age for which the book in question is written. Fortunately, there is a large catalog of adolescent literature, so this will not be a problem.

Step 3:

Some literary genres that tend to fit very well with teenagers deal with themes of mystery and adventure. Let us remember that they are in a time when dreaming is part of the day-to-day, and this type of plot can help them work their imagination much more, something that will later be rewarded by great creativity.

Step 4:

If we want, we can chat openly with our children about how they have enjoyed reading. Which parts of the story have lived most intensely and which characters have they liked the most. In this way, we will know if we have made the right choice of the book or not, something essential to continue buying books for our adolescent son.

Step 5:

We can take a best seller as a reference. They are the most purchased books. Therefore, it is a safe bet for finding quality and well-recognized adolescent literature, both by the adolescent public and by critics.

Step 6:

If we are not sure how to choose a book for a teenager, we can also count on the advice of booksellers or librarians. As a general rule, they can also guide us when buying a new book according to the tastes and concerns of our children.

Tips for choosing the right book

The first thing is to decide what you want to read. Are you looking for a best seller with which to have a good time entertaining? Do you want an intellectually uplifting quality reading? Have you decided on the novel or an essay? When you are clear, you can move on to the next step of choosing the book.

The classics are practically a guarantee when choosing a good book. Remember that classics are not just the books – rather boring – that you read in school or that you studied in literature class. The authors of the early twentieth century are already considered classics.

A good option is to ask a good friend. Nobody knows you better than your friends and if these are readers, they surely know how to recommend something that fits you. If you take advantage of a visit to his house, you may come back with many good books to check out.

Another good option is to go to a bookseller when choosing a good book. The usual bookstores, the physical ones, are full of good books and professionals who know them. Tell him what you are looking for and he will help you find a good read.

Head over to your library. There is no better place to find a good book than a library, and you can also save a little money by not having to buy every book you want to read.

For those who love the Internet above all things, there are solutions to choosing a good book on the net. You can check the lists of the best sellers in online stores or turn to blogs and websites specialized in literature. Their reviews and recommendations will serve as a guide to finding a good read.

There are also social networks specialized in books, such as GoodReads, where you can see what others have read and their opinions or find suggestions based on what you have read.

If you still can’t find a good book – or you miss commenting on what you read – you can always join a reading club. Book clubs have become fashionable and are wonderful for discovering new authors. In addition, you will have an appointment to talk about what you have read and an excuse to read.

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