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10 blogs to choose your next reading

Here is a selection of literary review blogs where you can find good recommendations to read. As in all the lists, they are not all, surely I do not even know them all: There are many and very good ones, but it is not possible to include them all. What I can do is assure you that in this list you will find stories that you are going to love.

Anika between books

The first, the pioneer of blogging: It started in 1996 when there were no smartphones. Clearly, Anika Lillo is a visionary and pioneer in almost everything, from her selection of books to the way she communicates on the web. Your literary opinion is invaluable. The content is very varied, with more than 12,000 reviews, more than enough, to find our perfect book. And also, it usually organizes raffles.

All Literature

I have to say that every literary blog that has a crime novel section on the front page easily conquers my heart as a reader. If the same thing happens to inveterate readers of historical novels, this is also your place. Also, poetry and youth literature are represented with their own space. And, for the rest of the genres, all literature has a varied selection that will provide ideas to any reader eager for news.

Books and Literature

Many varieties and classification of more than 30 genres. Exceptional for those seeking an opinion on a specific book or for those who want to experiment without risk.

One of my favorites, I love it. It is a blog classified by genre that makes it very easy to find what interests you. It contains many reviews, even reviews self-published books on Amazon with excellent judgment. As it is a personal blog, it is not exhaustive, but it is very complete and the author reviews it very well, thoroughly, and with criteria. We don’t always agree, but it always gives me a point of view to reflect on.

The Pleasure of Reading

“It’s a great pleasure. Keep reading, ”he says in his presentation.

A blog that collects all genres, very visual, with a design that makes it very easy to find something that catches our attention in a very short time. For those who want something specific, it has a generic search engine. An incentive: book raffles.


A blog that allows you to search by genre or by author, with a wide variety of reviewed books. Impossible not to find what you are looking for. There are plenty of people who review, regardless of gender, so over time you will end up with your favorite “reviewers.” In any case, you will find your book. And if you are one of those readers who makes the first steps as a writer, this is your blog: there is a section where you can publish your stories.

Aeterna Readings

A blog where you feel at home: classified by genre so as not to waste time looking for what you want among their reviews. It is not exhaustive, far from it because it is a personal blog, but it is very organized, and the author issues a thoughtful and well-worked opinion. If you connect with his style, you will be hooked for sure!

A book a day

It fulfills the promise of its name, “A book a day”, they will be reviewed daily and they are also well-done reviews. There are 10 people reviewing and, although each has its style, the blog has a homogeneous line.

It is a blog to get lost in it, to browse, jump, and change and there is a lot of material to do it. To go without haste, the closest thing to entering a bookstore without a specific objective. A blog to have it in the browser’s favorites.

What book do I read

For those who want a guarantee of success, here you will find the best sellers, the winners, the most voted, etc …

To quickly find something to read and get it right without complicating your life.

The owl among books

It is a small blog and very well done. With video reviews on YouTube, a crime novel section that has won me over, and interviews with writers. Also section of a historical novel, self-published and film books. It focuses on bestsellers and news, perfect to take a look and know what you are going to find in the bookstore, be it virtual or digital.

The Reader Queen:

With an original and fun design, books of the most varied, raffles, and an online reading club where you can share your opinions with other readers. Highly recommended.

And, as a tip, if like me you are a fan of the crime novel, I leave you one last recommendation: do not stop taking a walk through  My favorite detectives.   It is difficult to find a crime detective who does not have his own space on this blog. Don’t be fooled by its design: it is essential for lovers of the genre. It sums up the characters perfectly and I have yet to look for a detective, cop, or investigator that I have not found.