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9 tips to read more books and make reading a healthy habit in your day to day

We all would like to have more time to read those books that we have pending. Books that are left on a shelf because we are unable to get a few minutes a day for them. We must not go through something that reading is one of the pending subjects that we have been dragging for a long time. And that is why the time has come to prioritize and give a book reading the importance it deserves.

Reading is a way of entertainment and knowledge that has long coexisted and competed against other forms of leisure and information, especially digital ones. There is a good sample of benefits that place reading above any other activity. Among them, it is worth highlighting the increase in empathy, curiosity, learning, memory, understanding, critical thinking, verbal skills, vocabulary … Without a doubt, these benefits are a good example of what Reading can contribute (and for very little).

We know that for some people it is not easy to make room for reading in their daily lives, but we believe that it is not impossible either. It is a matter of priorities, and without a doubt that reading books should be a priority in our lives. That is why we have encouraged ourselves to create this list loaded with tips to try to create the habit of reading in people’s daily lives. We hope they serve and are useful, too, to promote the reading habit in the youngest.

  1. Go to the library and join it (if you are not already) to get free books.

The loan of books is the star service of libraries. In them, you can enjoy the free loan of countless paper books and electronic books. In addition, you will be able to find out what the latest news is, read the great classics of literature, and even participate in reading clubs.

  1. Set aside at least 20 minutes a day for reading.

The day-to-day consumes us and leaves us without time for leisure moments, such as reading books. That is why good organization and setting aside a little time to read is important. Perhaps 20 minutes is more than enough to start, although you will soon realize that it is not enough time. You can read after lunch, before dinner, or just when you go to bed. Of course, it is important to commit to comply with it in order to create the habit of reading.

  1. Reduce the hours of watching television or being with the mobile.

How many times are we watching television with hardly paying attention to it? Or how many hours are we immersed in the screen of our mobile phone? Both the one and the other can be considered as “time thieves.” Perhaps by managing these actions well, which on many occasions do not contribute anything to us, we can scratch valuable time for reading our books. By the way, when you get ready to read, turn off the television and mute notifications from your mobile. This will make you free from distractions and focus more on reading.

  1. Read the books that hook you and skip the ones that you are not liking at all.

There are countless books and for all tastes. A book that dazzles one person does not mean that it has the same effect on another. There are books that we can classify as essential, recommended, entertaining, boring, unfinished … and a host of other adjectives according to our experience with them. That is why we advise you to read those books that you are really passionate about and hooked on from the beginning (you can give them the opportunity to read the first 50 pages) and put aside those books that have not been able to convey anything to you.

  1. Share the books you are going to read on your social networks.

A good part of our leisure time is used to be on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…). And that is why we can use them to share our next readings with our contacts. This will help us, on the one hand, to share our readers’ tastes and, on the other hand, to generate conversation and interactions around something that we like and are passionate about, such as books and reading.

  1. Register in online communities specialized in books to comment and assess how you have found the books read.

If you are not attracted to the idea of ​​sharing the books you are going to read on your social networks because you use them for other purposes, you should know that there are social networks and online communities specialized in books. You can sign up for them and experiment by sharing your ratings and opinions about the books you’ve read with thousands of people. This will help you create a community of people related to your literary tastes in which to recommend and be recommended for future readings. Without a doubt, a good incentive to read more.

  1. Talk and exchange books with family and friends.

Reading is contagious, and what better way than to spread this action among those close to you. Feel free to talk about the books you are reading with family and friends, and participate in the book exchange with them. Suggest new readings based on your impressions and let them advise you. Perhaps it is a good time to discover new books that will mark you or realize that this literary genre is not made for you.

  1. Let yourself be recommended.

Choosing what your next reading will be is not easy, especially if the book you have finished has set the bar high enough. That is why you can let yourself be recommended by professionals in the book sector such as librarians or booksellers. You can also take into account the recommendations made by publishers, literary critics, books and reading blogs, and even booktubers.

  1. Always have a book on hand to take advantage of your free time away from home.

The opportunity to read can be presented anywhere and at any time. That is why it is essential that you always go with a book to take advantage of the free time you may have. For example, you can read on public transport, in the supermarket queue, in the doctor’s waiting room … And a book is always a good travel companion that will never leave us alone unless we forget about it at home.